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Here's What's Been Going Down

Over the past several weeks I've managed to pickup a few toys for myself. New gizmos to make my life a little easier, and one of those toys gives me a personal assistant. I will admit, at first I was skeptical but she really is awesome.

Most of the stuff I did get are toys, an Xbox 360, Sega Saturn, and original Xbox. The one toy that really isn't a toy, but is to me since I'm a geek would be the iPhone 4s. Yes my first iPhone finally.

The consoles should come as no surprise. I am the RetroGamerGeek after all. The iPhone on the other hand is something that I really didn't plan on this year. It just sort of happened. The thing is I'm glad it happened.

I'll go into a bit more detail on the matter when I post my review of the iPhone 4s. Siri will also have her own review. She is a very useful feature for me.

Now this post serves no bigger purpose than to show that I'm still posting to my site. Also to share some insight on what's been going on with me personally. Everything's cool, and my Halloween was pretty awesome. In fact as I speak I'm sitting at someone's house enjoying a very energetic Halloween party, and thought I'd take time to post this.

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